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In a rapidly changing world, new tech-enabled threats drive claims instigation and litigation, resulting in unprecedented financial risk. The same business tools we use to grow our brands can be positioned against us, requiring constant vigilance and responsive action.

Thankfully, the data industry is evolving too. By using advanced analytics across multiple data streams, we can foresee and shield against emerging "opportunists" and risks. Embracing innovation will drive long-term change, differentiation, and ensure success.

At 4WARN, we're here to team up with you to reduce risks, spot what's next, and deliver a clearer view of the market.

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Safeguard Your Organization

4WARN integrates data from multiple trusted sources that are cleaned through our proprietary methods. We then build machine learning algorithms and cross-check our calculations to present the industry’s first and most trusted Risk Litigation Score™ on the market.

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Using 4WARN's Topolistics™, we help identify and train to defend organizations against sophisticated tech-enabled, claim instigation.

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We deliver a customized Risk Litigation Score and then collaborate with cross-functional teams to reduce threats through tactical responses.

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We protect organizations through measurable observations to build a better digital moat around their business.

4WARN Provided Research to These Organizations and Associations

Industries Served: Financial •  Food Services • Healthcare • Insurance • Retail • Transportation

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