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Mitigating Tech Driven Claims

Claim instigation, backed by technology, funding, marketing and search engine optimization has escalated litigation, claim frequency, and claim costs. As a result, the increased expense of services across all industries has placed immense pressure on small businesses, pushing some to closure, and impacting the profits of larger organizations.

Providing a Customer-Centric Approach

Using research, data monitoring, and a strong ethical drive, 4WARN helps minimize the costs associated with managing claims and lawsuits resulting from unjustified sources.

Using data from billions of web interactions, we develop a risk score to reduce unnecessary litigation. Our services include industry insights, continuous learning resources, research updates, and active support in countering unethical practices, misrepresentation, and legal maneuvers.

Our Team

Todd Kozikowski

CEO and Co-Founder

Joseph Petrelli


Victoria Mummau

Tori Mummau

Vice President of Client Services

John Dimond portrait

John Dimond

Director Data Analytics & Engineering

Lauren Welch profile

Lauren Welch

Client Intelligence Manager

Nick Mattar portrait

Nick Mattar

Social Media Lead

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