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Safeguard Your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Data-Powered Defense

4WARN is a team of insurance and analytics experts dedicated to raising awareness and intelligence surrounding tech-enabled claims and litigation. Using billions of data points, 4WARN monitors, tracks, reports, educates, advocates, and empowers the world's leading organizations to regain control of brand interactions.

By providing data-driven, analytical insights 4WARN helps organizations identify and reduce tech-enabled claims instigation.

4WARN Empowers Organizations to:

  • Identify opportunists
  • Return control of claim frequency
  • Reduce the likelihood of litigation
  • Better serve your clients by communicating at critical times
  • Minimize impact when targeted
  • Enhance website analytics and dynamic monitoring

Example of 4WARN's Heat Map solutions showcasing mass tech-enabled insurance litigation claims in Florida.

Our Process and Solutions

Organizations must create specific strategies to address this evolving and expanding threat. Rely on 4WARN for the necessary data insights and practical information to respond to technology-based attacks by opportunists.

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We train organizations to defend themselves against tech-enabled claim instigation using 4WARN's unique Topolistics™.

  • Uncover Immediate Threat Visibility with Historical Baseline Using Data from Topolistic Methods
  • Identify Patterns and Risk Magnitude
  • Prioritize Geo-Targeted "Hot Zones"
  • Investigate Online Tactics and Solicitations
  • Provide Keyword Gap Analysis of Opportunists
  • Detect Brand Vulnerabilities
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We collaborate with cross-functional teams to reduce the threat through tactical responses.

  • Research and Define Customized Risk Litigation Score™
  • Deliver Real-Time Response and Containment
  • Accelerate Forensic Analysis
  • Counter-Target with Strategic Keywords
  • Integrate Website Content Strategy
  • Alert and Intervene with Regulators
  • Provide Documentation to Support Cease and Desist Communications
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We protect organizations through measurable observations to build a better digital moat around their business.

  • Audit Domain Vulnerabilities
  • Assess SEO Keyword Maturity
  • Monitor Advanced Adversary Tactics
  • Validate and Certify Partner Networks
  • Evaluate Market Opportunities
  • Document and Benchmark Responses for Reinsurers

Surveillance and Mitigation Services

We conduct a comprehensive analysis by using billions of data points from multiple global channels. Our objective is to:

  • Pinpoint instances of tech-enabled claim instigation;
  • Identify the individuals responsible;
  • Assess the associated level of risk;
  • Determine the most effective strategies for reducing claim frequency; and
  • Educate stakeholders on how to respond to these findings.

The goal is to decrease the frequency of claims, safeguard your brand, and minimize potential downstream risks, all of which will ultimately enhance operational results by lowering your "Litigation Risk Score™.”

Our services include the following:

National Surveillance Threat Map icon

National Surveillance Threat Map

Benchmark of Opportunist Activity icon

Benchmark of Opportunist Activity

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Target Correlation Index

Historical Behavior Analytics icon

Historical Behavior Analytics

Policyholder Solicitation Tactics icon

Policyholder Solicitation Tactics

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Geo-Targeting Heat Maps

Domain Vulnerability Audit & Recovery icon

Domain Vulnerability Audit & Recovery

Benchmark Risk Assessment icon

Benchmark Risk Assessment

Keyword Counter-Target Assessment icon

Keyword Counter-Target Assessment

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Partner Network Certification

4WARN Provided Research to These Organizations and Associations

Industries Served: Financial •  Food Services • Healthcare • Insurance • Retail • Transportation

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